Practice Space

Practice Space operated as an innovation space in Detroit that brought together entrepreneurs, creatives, and the community to shape businesses, their spaces, and their stories. With a vision to bring architecture and entrepreneurship together in Detroit, this program supported 6 entrepreneurs in an Incubator Program and hosted 10 creatives in a Residency program. In order to meet the unique needs that existed around small-scale business development, our team built a strong brand, methodology, and a gathering place for rebuilders in Detroit.
The Practice Space Incubator was a four-month long program intended for emerging place-based businesses rooted in Detroit seeking to reuse old spaces.
Practice Space hosted a one-year long residency, focused on business and architecture, in the City of Detroit.
On September 21st, we held our grand opening party in partnership with Detroit Design Festival 2013. As part of the evening, we showed a short film detailing the history of Practice·Space. The story begins in the 90's with Jerry Esters rebuilding work in the North Corktown neighborhood and concludes with the launch of the program.
After one year of planning, we began the build out of a former auto garage in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit. This video details the first two weeks of progress on the Practice·Space home. Our Residents arrived September 9th, 2013 as we make the dash to finish work on the space.August 12th, 2013 - August 23rd, 2013
Build Crew: Kyle Hoff, Donald Hart, Matt Rosner, Austin Kronig, Don Kronig, Kristyn Koth, Joe Schmoe, Alex O'Dell, and Justin Mast
Video by Alex O'Dell
Each semester, Practice·Space took selected 1–3 pre-existing projects rooted in Detroit for our incubator program. Our first project focused on renovating a store-house in the North End. Eleni Zaharapolous purchased the building and was collaborating with local food entrepreneur, Jenile Brooks, to bring it back to life. Their aim was to convert one-half of the space into a grocery store and food delivery service. Our first group of residents worked on this project, from September to December 2013.
Organization Practice Space, Working Title LLC
Project Type Innovation Space
Role Co-Founder, Program & Design Director
Collaborators Austin Kronig—Cofounder, Donald Hart—Cofounder, Kyle Hoff—Designer, Alex O’Dell—Designer
Years of Operation 2013–2014
Scope of Work Business Design, Program Design, Book Design, Space Design
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